Service DescriptionWe repair cars, trucks, box trucks, semi trucks, trailers and more.  We have a unique staff with years of experience in all aspects of collision repair.  Whether you need a fender repaired, hood replaced or box truck roof replaced, PSC can handle it.
Our ProcessThere are 3 options for beginning the repair process:
Option 1: Bring the unit to PSC
Option 2: Have a PSC Professional pick up your unit
Option 3: Have the unit towed to PSC. (If you need for PSC to arrange a tow, we have relationships with several tow companies to make the process as easy as possible)

Once the unit has arrived, the tear down and estimate will begin.  An estimate will be emailed or faxed for approval; once approval has been given, parts are ordered and the unit is scheduled into the repair process.  Whatever the unit requires PSC will take care of it and notify you if there are any surprises.  Once the unit is complete the customer is notified and the unit is either delivered or picked up.  If your repair has an insurance company involved, no problem we will help manage the claim and make sure everything is taken care of.
Our Services IncludeCollision repair, box truck repair, floor replacement, frame, windshield, truck collision repair, trailer collision repair, trailer shortening, drop axles, wet kits