Any Shape, Any Size
Have you ever driven a friend's car or a rental? Awkward isn’t it? Everything is out of place, it drives differently, it feels odd…it’s just not your car. You’re familiar with the 3MPH put-on-your-seatbelt-and-what-the-heck-does-this-thing-do wobbly crawl aren’t you? You know, the test drive, just to make sure you can get comfortable enough to avoid a total wreck going wherever you’re going. Well, at PSC Transport we found a cure. Our drivers are tested day in and day out by moving dozens of different vehicles to where they need to go. Cars, trucks, vans, RVs, box trucks, delivery vehicles, semi-trucks, cargo trailers, it’s all the same to us. We take extra steps to ensure your vehicle travels safely with us like checking the mileage and taking note of damage or anything that may interfere with driving. Also, we use only hired drivers that are responsible and can upkeep our standards here at PSC. No contracted drivers here!

How many friends would you trust to drive your brand new car? Well, Power Chevrolet trusts us to drive their brand new everything! That’s because they know their investment is in good hands. When their customers need graphics, paint or even custom shelving they know PSC Transport will get it from their store to ours and back safely.
Fleet Trailers, Roll out!
Sure! We’ll pick and return your car, truck, van, R.V. or even your semi-truck, but how many companies can move your trailers? We can. Look, let’s just cut to the chase. We’ll not only move one or two, we’ll move the whole fleet! 

We transport Goodwill’s entire fleet from Portland, Eugene, Tri-Cities, even Medford! Goodwill handles a lot of, well, stuff. So it’s no doubt that cargo trailers are of the utmost importance to their business. Having a trailer down means putting a damper on doing the good things that Goodwill does. If that unused trailer takes up space in their already busy yard it makes everything that much harder. So, when Goodwill need help, we will be there. The same goes for all of our customers. There’s no need to store your unused trailers until they get worked on. We’ll do it for you! This way you can have a clean yard and we can do the work faster and more efficiently. We move entire fleets quickly so we can work faster. Whether you need repair, paint, vehicle upfitting, mechanical work or graphics it’s just one less step that you have to take to insure that you are getting all your needs met. For a truly one stop (or no stop) shopping experience give us a call. We’ll help you out. Wherever you are we can pick up and deliver, and we’re not afraid to cross state lines.