Road Rash
Remember when you rode your first bicycle and you totally bit it? Just a little too far to the right and WHAM-O, you just got your first road rash! Who knew tipping over could be so painful?! Skinned knees, bruised elbows, gravel up your clothes, maybe even a little blood. Just when you buried your face in your arms, gave up all hope and life seemed ruined, mom came running. She patched you up, kissed you on the forehead and sent you on your way. We’d like to think that past mistakes from childhood won’t reoccur, but they do, over and over again! Take this 53 foot trailer for example. Ouch! Just like how you took a spill in 3th grade this trailer bit the dust and took on some serious road rash! Mom probably can’t fix this one, but PSC can!

We’ve replaced the busted corner caps, removed and replaced the side panels, repaired the refrigerated unit, a little touch of paint and installed few graphics.  This trailer was in and out in no time!  And what’s more, our PSC Transport service can can pick up and deliver, so you can be assured that you are being taken care of. Leave the hurt feelings and pain to us, just like mom used to.
Box Truck Bender
We love our trees here in the Pacific Northwest, but if you are a delivery driver with a box truck keeping an eye for those branches is a must! Fallen trees, low lying branches and busy streets coupled with stormy weather can lead to a disaster in a quick second. Time and time again we receive delivery trucks with tree damage causing leaky roofs, broken seals or, worse yet, structure damage to the box. Most packages and products can’t get wet, so more than likely the damage will slow delivery to a halt. We know it’s a bummer, but no worries! PSC Collision is here to help! We repair and build all box truck parts including side panels, corner caps, radiuses, roof panels, roll-up doors, tracking, flooring, electrical, structure frames and even custom welding. No damage is too much. We’ll get it repaired in a jiffy too! And, while your vehicle is here, we offer paint and graphics repair so you don’t have to wait for another shop to go through another process.

The box truck above managed to catch the brunt of a downed tree limb and it reeked total havoc on the front end of its box. The front, side and roof panels were completely destroyed along with the corner radiuses and frame structure itself. Luckily, repairs were no problem for PSC and we got the job done in no time. When we were finished, it looked as good as new!